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  1. The Letter of Intent is the first step in the process to obtain a full grant application.

  2. The Letter of Intent requires only a few details about your organization and does not ask for project/program specifics .

  3. The foundation meets quarterly to review applications.

2022 Grant Application Review Cycle

First Quarter Grant Application Review

JANUARY (Completed)

Second Quarter Grant Application Review

Third Quarter Grant Application Review

Letter of Intent Submission


Fourth Quarter Grant Application Review

Grant Types

Program Development

Operational Expenses

Equipment and Building Renovation

Matching Funds

Grant Guidelines

Must be a 501 (c)(3) Tax Exempt organizations serving the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The maximum grants are $25,000.

Once an organization receives a grant, they must wait a full year before re-applying.

We are not currently funding capital campaigns.

No grants will be made to political parties, agendas, or activities.

No grants will be made to organizations that provide services that target a specific religious sect, population, or agenda.

We do not fund multi-year grants.

We do not contribute to fundraisers and events.

We do not provide grants to individuals or social organizations.

We do not provide grants to other foundations or funding agencies.

The Curry Family Foundation Application format must be followed.

Important Notes

If you are applying for operational, please be very specific about how the funds will be used.

Additional information may be requested that is not listed on the grant application.

Review dates are subject to adjustment.

The Foundation will NOT provide funds to organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, national origin, disabilities, or sexual orientation.

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